Step into our vibrant venue featuring a spacious dance floor which is the heart beat of the experience. Surrounding the dance floor, discover five high tables, five booths, one VIPLounge, and two Backstage Lounges for exclusive moments elevating the overall atmosphere. With this dynamic layout, our venue is designed for seamless transitions between dancing, socializing, and indulging in VIP experiences.

Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing experience of our nightclub’s cutting-edge lightsystem. Our venue boasts an extraordinary array of lights, seamlessly choreographed to therhythm of the music, creating a visual symphony that elevates the energy of the night.

Renowned for its precision and power, the Void Acoustics system transforms soundinto a palpable force that reverberates through the venue, creating an immersive sonic landscape. Whether you’re on the dance floor or in a cozy corner, every beat is delivered with crisp clarity and resonant depth, ensuring that the music becomes more than just audible – it becomes an integral part of the vibrant atmosphere.

DJ equipment:
The venue is equipped with an amazing and professional DJ configuration comprising a DJM V10 mixer, two CDJ 3000 decks, and two CDJ 2000 nexus decks. This formidable combination ensures a seamless and high-fidelity DJ experience. The DJM V10, with its six channels and advanced features, is complemented by the precision of the CDJ series.


Our expert bartenders are not just drink-makers, they are creators of experiences, ensuring that each sip is a journey in itself. From innovative cocktails to classic favorites, our bars are not just service points, they are social hubs where conversations flow as smoothly as the drinks. Whether you’re seeking a refined lounge experience or an energetic dance floor vibe, our two amazing bars cater to every taste, making your night at the nightclub truly unforgettable.